ULTra (Urban Light Transport) is an innovative form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) which emerged from a fundamental reappraisal of the transport needs of a city. The ULTra system consists of small, lightweight, computer-driven electric vehicles running on slender, special-purpose guideways.

Unimodal, SkyTran (US)
Personal mobility for the 21 century.

Vectus PRT (Korea)
VECTUS PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) brings what has been a transportation solution of the future to a proven and safe solution of today. It is a viable option for urban transportation with potential for higher access and services at a lower cost than commonly transport modes, while avoiding traffic problems such as congestion, accidents and pollution.

Ed Anderson, Advanced Transit Association (US)
ATRA envisions a  future when transportation will all be orchestrated for the convenience of people and their businesses – as well as for the benefit of our planet

Rapid Urban Transport (DK)
The RUF system is a completely new kind of transportation system. It is a dual-mode system where the vehicles are small electric cars (rufs) or larger Automatic People Mover units (maxi-rufs).

SwedeTrack, FlyWay (S)
SwedeTrack System Inc. is a public Swedish company which has designed the most technically advanced system for automatically controlled beamcarried traffic, for transportation of people and goods. This transport system is called "FlyWay"®.

Higherway Transport (US)
The Higherway system has a variety of computer-controlled, electrically-powered vehicles running under elevated beam tracks.

Profit by supplying safe, congestion-free, comfortable, convenient, energy efficient, on-demand personal mobility and cargo transport in highly repetitive travel of less than 50 miles.

TechVilla (SF)
TechVilla’s mission is to encourage and develop new businesses. We promote the success of both new and existing companies.



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